• Houses, Languedoc (22 x 29 cm)
    Houses, Languedoc (22 x 29 cm)
  • Lac Salagou (39 x 25 cm)
    Lac Salagou (39 x 25 cm)
  • Three Walkers (29 x 18 cm)
    Three Walkers (29 x 18 cm)
  • Hills, Banyuls (Watercolour)29 x 18 cm)
    Hills, Banyuls (29 x 18 cm)
  • Cafe Provence (29 x 22)
    Cafe Provence (29 x 22)
  • Crocodile Tamer
    Crocodile Tamer (watercolour 16 x 13 cm)
  • Skateaway (38 x 37 cm)
    Skateaway (38 x 37 cm)


Giclée prints are high quality  ink-jet prints that artists and galleries are increasingly using instead of  traditional off-set litho to produce limited edition prints that are both collectable yet economically priced.  Giclée printing  is particularly adapted for reproducing watercolour and fine etching detail. I think the quality is superb.  As the artist, even I have to look twice before I can tell the difference between an “original” and a “repro” !  Thanks to this technique some of my most popular sold-out etching editions are now available once more, as well as reproductions of my paintings.   All my prints are produced through close collaboration with the printer with light-fast inks and printed on the same type of paper (usually an Arches) that I use for printing etchings.  They are all individually signed and numbered.

Many of the featured images are also available as greetings cards for purchase in my store.

My Hand Paintings (series of 30 images) are also available as Giclée prints. To view click on imageHand Study 2 (detail).

THREE WALKERS  (Edition 108) £45 including postage 
HILLS, BANYULS (Edition 108) £45 including postage
HOUSES, LANGUEDOC  (Edition 88) £55 including postage
LAC SALAGOU  (Edition 51) £65 including postage
  CAFE, PROVENCE  (Edition 108) £60 including postage
  HAND PAINTINGS  (Edition 40) £90 including postage.  Please specify image at payapl checkout
  SKATEAWAY (Edition 51) £80 including postage
CEVENOL LANDSCAPE (Edition 51) £45 including postage