• la-vie-en-rose
    La Vie en Rose
  • look-no-hands-yellow
    Look no hands (yellow)
  • look-no-hands
    Look no hands (pink)
  • descending-angel-blue
    Descending Angel (blue)
  • heavenly-sunday-card-sq
    Heavenly sunday
  • heavenly-afternoon
    Heavenly Afternoon
  • Jump-in-the-box
    Jump in the box
  • jump!
  • Skateaway (38 x 37 cm)
    Skateaway (38 x 37 cm)
  • Walkies-1
  • strolling---pink-moon
    Strolling (pink moon)
  • Walkies 2
    Walkies 2

“LA VIE EN ROSE” The Good, the Bad and the Ugly….

One Christmas one of my favourite galleries, the Line Gallery in Linthithgow, Scotland  invited their artists  to submit work on the theme of angels.  I don’t normally draw angels, so,  pondering what Angels might get up to on a sunday afternoon, I got the brushes out.  But it seemed unfair that angels should have all the fun.  So I threw in a few devils for good measure as well as a few other characters of dubious provenance…