• Where have you laid him ?
    Where have you laid him?
  • Take, Eat
    Take, Eat
  • Not as I will
    Not as I will
  • Friend, why have you come?
    Friend, why have you come?
  • My god, why have you forsaken me?
    My God, why have you forsaken me?
  • And they buried Jesus
    And they buried Jesus
  • Why are you crying ?
    Why are you crying?
  • What are these words?
    What are these words?
  • Come, have breakfast
    Come, have breakfast
  • See my hands and my feet
    See my hands and my feet
  • Why are staring into heaven?
    Why are you staring into heaven?


A series of 11 etchings and aquatints  interpreting  the passion and resurrection of Christ.  These were some of the first etchings I ever made while working at the Edinburgh Printmakers’ Workshop,  reworkings of larger paintings.  The images provide  a modern twist on  the classic christian iconography of the  stations of the cross, capturing  11 incidents in the Easter story:  five before and five after the pivotal moment of the entombment of Jesus.  The titles are short questions or phrases taken from the original  Greek text of the New Testament.    I  generally only printed 4 or 5 of each image before the plates were lost in one of my moves.    One complete set is available for sale (mixed numbers 2 and 3 of 25), otherwise as marked.

15 x 23 cm. Edition 25,  printed on Somerset Creme paper.  £85 each including postage

Click on image to view enlarged slide show

 Where have you laid him? (The raising of Lazarus)  one available
   Take, Eat  (Last Supper) one available
  Not as I will (Gethsemane)  Two available
  Friend why have you come ? (Betrayal of Judas, Gethsemane) one available
  My God, my God, Why have you forsaken me?  ( Crucifixion,  after Grünewald) one available)
  And they buried Jesus (Entombment) one available)
Why are you crying, Mary ? (Resurrection appearance, Easter Sunday) one available
  What are these words (Resurrection appearance, Road to Emmaus) one available)
  Come, have Breakfast (Resurrection Appeance, Sea of Galilee) two  available
  See my hands and my feet (Resurrection appearance to disciples) one available)
Why do you stand staring into heaven ?  (Ascension)