2015: Plus ca change!

Charlie-Hebdo2015 began on a sad note for anyone who prefers laughter over guns as a way of attempting to change other people’s behaviour.  Even if I wasn’t a particularly avid reader of Charlie Hebdo, who can relish the violent  fascistic mind-set of their killers? As someone who lived in France for ten years,  I love the French people’s determined aspirtation towards liberté, fraternité and egalité.  However, their time in Algeria as a colonial power (like ours in Ireland) has given birth to a “bête noir”  that has been incubating for many years.  I can’t see  this conflict of beliefs and life-styles being easily resolved in the near future.  (Click on picture to view)

Meanwhile in Britain, our peculiar class system continues to provide uncountable hours of mirth laced with exasperation.    There was a most brilliant example of this recently in my local town. A new state “free” school opened under the auspices of a well-known local private school.  The (richer middle class) girls at the private school naturally  may wear tights in winter with their skirts, but the (poorer) girls must make do without even in sub-zero temperatures.  The Headmaster has decreed:  No tights allowed!  Ah! the Great British Empire refuses to die without a fight.  If team GB can’t play away any more, there’s always own goals at home….free-school-

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